Mexican Blue Palm

The Mexican Blue Palm is a rustic and highly ornamental palm.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brahea armata
Family : Aracaceae
Type : Tree

: 8 to 15 m
Weather : Hot
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained, sandy

: Persistent

Planting, caring for and pruning the palm tree (Brahea armata) will help it to grow well.

Mexican blue palm plantation

Prefer a plantation to spring if winter is cool in your area otherwise you can plant it at autumn.

The Mexican blue palm likes sunny situations.

The palm's worst enemy is humidity, much more so than winter frost.

  • It needs very well-drained soil for the water to drain quickly.
  • The blue palm is planted in a mixture of soil, potting soil and river sand
  • Regular watering the first year improves rooting and therefore recovery.
  • Here are some tips on the technique of planting.

Mexican palm tree in pot:

You can plant the Mexican palm in a pot in a good palm soil

  • Make sure the pot is of sufficient size
  • The pot or tray should be drilled at the bottom to facilitate drainage
  • Watering is necessary when the soil is dry on the surface
  • An application of fertilizer is essential each year because, in pots, the soil is exhausted much faster.

Palm pruning and maintenance (Brahea armata)

No pruning is really necessary, but the palm tree loses its fins as it goes and should be removed as they turn yellow.

  • Remove damaged fins when they turn yellow.
  • Protect the palm tree from the cold in winter in the event of severe frost.

Watering the Mexican blue palm:

Regarding watering, it is necessary to water abundantly when the soil becomes dry in hot weather.

Potted palms have greater needs and deserve to be watered as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

If the leaves turn yellow it is usually a watering problem, so make sure there is not too much or too little water.

Growth of Mexican blue palm:

Make no mistake, this palm tree has a fairly slow growth and will take several years to reach a few meters.

If you want to speed up its growth, add palm fertilizer at least once a year.

Resistance of Brahea armata palm:

It is a palm tree that is resistant to frost and cold in winter down to -10 ° (or even more if it is short-lived and the soil is well drained)

To know about the blue palm of Mexico

This species is part of the Brahea family. Brahea armata is extremely widespread and known for its resistance to sub-zero temperatures and frost, rangingdown to -10 °.

Brahea is also reputed to be one of the most beautiful palm trees. It is cultivated for its beautiful crown of almost blue leaves.

Its leaves form a very characteristic fan, with long, sometimes protruding palms.

As its name suggests, it is originally from Mexico, specifically Baja California and Sonora.

Smart tip about this palm tree

Prefer watering in the evening to prevent the water from evaporating, it is a gesture for the environment!

Photo © Pixaterra

Video: One,two, and three year old Mexican fan palm (May 2021).