Erinose: the blister of the vine

Erinosis is a condition commonly found in trees but also on vines and characterized by swelling or blisters on the leaf.

Green in color but also in some cases can be red, this is a benign condition that is not alarming ...

They are actually mites invisible to the naked eye that lodge on the underside of the leaf.
They create these blisters or blisters by stings.

There is also a slight white or pink felting on the underside that can turn reddish brown.

Treatment of erinosis

  • No treatment is really necessary because the erinosis goes away on its own and shows no reduction in harvest
  • However, you can treat it curatively with sulfur and biologically using predators like typhlodrome.
    But these predators remain difficult to find in commerce, while the impact of erinosis is really limited.

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