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Protect your olive tree in winter

Contrary to popular belief, what the olive tree suffers the most from is not the cold but the humidity.

In good conditions of cold and dry air, the olive tree has a hardiness of the order of -15 to -18 °.

But if you mix that cold with water and humidity, then nothing works.

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Let's take a look at how to protect your olive tree in winter

Your olive tree is in the ground:

If you live in the southern regions, you should not worry, your olive tree will normally withstand winter conditions without any problem.

On the other hand, if you live north of the Loire and / or in a region where it rains a lot in winter, you will have to take some measures to protect your olive tree.

  • With earth, create a slope at the foot of your olive tree to prevent water from flowing near the roots
  • It is important to drain the water as far as possible from your olive tree in winter because it is the main danger that threatens your tree
  • Mulch the foot of the olive tree to protect the roots from frost

Your olive tree is in a pot:

Again, if you live in a southern region there is not much to do

  • Place your olive tree in the sun
  • Water only if the soil is completely dry and to a limited extent

If on the other hand you live further north,

  • The ideal is to put your olive tree in a cool and bright place, but where it cannot freeze
  • The winter cold in these regions is also very humid so protect your olive tree as much as possible from humidity.

If you can't fit your olive tree,

  • Never bring your olive tree inside in winter
  • Outside, move a bay window as close as possible to take advantage of the warmth of your home
  • Mulch the base of your olive tree to protect it from the cold
  • Wrap the pot with a good blanket and prevent it from taking in water
  • Cover it with a wintering veil that will not be in contact with the foliage, again to avoid condensation which is a source of humidity
  • Water the bare minimum and only if it is not in contact with rainwater.

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