Pothos or scindapsus: decorative foliage

The pothos or scindapsus is a plant of tropical origin with very decorative foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Pothos or scindapsus
Family : Araceae
Type : Houseplant

: 2 m
Exposure : Light but no direct sun
Ground : Houseplant soil

: Persistent
Flowering : Rare as a houseplant

Often marbled, shiny and generous, its foliage seduces us and perfectly adorns our interiors. Adopt the pothos and you will be delighted! (Photo © Seanglerd)

Planting, repotting the pothos

The pothos or scindapsus is mainly cultivated in pots in our latitudes but can be grown in soil if it is protected by a greenhouse heated in winter.

Pot pothos :

  • The splinter likes to feel cramped and therefore does not need a large pot.
  • Pothos should be planted in potting soil or even better, special houseplants.
  • Choose a bright location, But without direct sun and away from heat sources such as radiators.
  • The repotting can be done from February to October.

Outdoor pothos :

Growing pothos outdoors is only possible in tropical environments

  • Mix your garden soil with potting soil and choose a location that is partially sunny but not hot.
    Please note, growing pothos outdoors is only possible where the climate is relatively warm in winter.

Multiplication of pothos

The cuttings of the pothos are the easiest and fastest technique to propagate the plant.

The cuttings take place in spring.

  • Take cuttings of about 10-15 cm, not bearing flowers.
  • Remove the bottom leaves to keep only the last pair of leaves.
  • Dip the base of the stem in cutting hormone (optional but recommended)
  • Plant the cutting (s) in a special cutting soil.
  • Create a transparent bell to keep the humidity in.
  • Place your cuttings in a rather warm place, bright but without direct sun.
  • Keep the soil moist.

You can also divide the pothos by removing the suckers growing at the base and replanting them in a light and moist substrate.

Maintenance of the pothos

Pothos is very easy to grow. It requires very little maintenance and is quite resistant to various diseases.

The pothos is in fact a vine, climbing or hanging, depending on the support.

While adding organic fertilizer can restore tone to the plant, it is not necessarily essential.

This shrub grows very well indoors throughout the year and can be taken out from May to September as soon as the weather permits.

.A temperature from 18 to 25 ° is recommended for good growth. (Photo © Le Do)

Watering the pothos:

Water the plant only when the soil surface is dry and avoid excess water so as not to suffocate the roots.

Space the waterings to the strict minimum during the winter rest period, as the plant then has limited water requirements.

Pothos size:

No size is essential.

The aerial roots are very useful to the plant, therefore it is recommended to do not touch it.

In order to reduce the branches or reshape your pothos, you can cut the branches in half in the spring.

Video: SATIN POTHOS Plant Care Tips. Scindapsus Pictus Houseplant Care (June 2021).