Duo of persimon persimon and marinated Jerusalem artichoke, breaded with dried olive and flavored with mint-mandarin oil

Persimon khakis are on the market. For those who do not know this fruit, particularly appreciated for its sweet and vanilla flavor, its firm and crunchy flesh that sets it apart from its other khaki cousins, now is the time to try it. To discover by concocting this very tasty recipe.

Ingredients for 6 people:

– 2 persimmons

- 12 washers Jerusalem artichoke

- some black olives

- 4 mandarins

- sheets of mint, parsley

- fleur de sel, pepper

- 1 liter of olive oil of the variety hojiblanca


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Recipe for persimmons and Jerusalem artichoke, breaded with dried olive

Using a cookie cutter, cut out slices of persimmon one centimeter thick and thin slices of marinated Jerusalem artichoke.

  • Place the slice of persimmon between two slices of marinated Jerusalem artichoke.

For the marinade:

  • A liter of water, white vinegar, a pinch of ginger, pepper, 2-3 grams of parsley.
  • Marinate the Jerusalem artichoke slices for 24 hours.

For the mint-mandarin oil:

  • Peel 4 mandarins, taking care to remove the white film, and let them dry in your kitchen, then pass through a coffee grinder to obtain a powder.
  • Add this powder to the olive oil of the hojiblanca variety with a few mint leaves.
  • Keep this seasoned oil cool, which you will use for this dish but also for other preparations of your choice.

For the dried olive:

  • Dry black olives in the oven for eight hours at 100º. Then grate them with a micro-grater.
  • Roll the slices on their slices in the grated black olives, place on a plate, add a dash of mint-tangerine olive oil, pepper and season with fleur de sel mixed with the dried tangerine powder.

For information : persimon khaki is ideal to fill up on vitamins for this winter.

Photo credit of Une: kaki persimon / Alberto Herraiz - El Fogon

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