Caterpillars: Organic control and treatment

The caterpillar is a butterfly larva that can be found in different forms but the damage is always the same.

They consume the leaves of plants and the needles of conifers in order to feed themselves, causing many problems in the garden or vegetable patch.

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What treatments are effective against caterpillars?

Many synthetic products exist and are effective enough to eliminate them.

But they pose the problem ofenvironmental impact and are therefore not justified because there are very effective organic treatments today.

Products based onBacillus Thurengiensi can be used in organic farming and have a very limited impact on our planet.

  • They are usually found in garden centers under the name "Organic anti-caterpillar«
  • They are generally used in dissolving with water and therefore must be sprayed
  • The product must be ingested by insects and must therefore be applied to the whole plant
  • Anti-caterpillar treatments are carried out from the first butterfly flights
  • It is necessary treat in dry weather, without wind and without risk of rain

Concerning the devastating caterpillars of your soupr, the method of manual capture allows you to have good immediate results but nothing also prevents you from using the method described above.

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