Smoked salmon toast with grilled marinated vegetables, olives and candied lemon

Here is a slice of smoked salmon with marinated / grilled vegetables, olives and candied lemon, as tasty as it is fragrant and an original idea for a picnic or a quick lunch.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 1 Retrodor wand
  • 4 strips ofeggplant marinated / grilled
  • 200g of Salmon smoke
  • 4 strips of courgettes marinated / grilled
  • 40g black olives
  • ½ candied lemon

Smoked salmon toast, grilled marinated vegetables, olives and candied lemon

Cut the Rétrodor baguette lengthwise then make 3 pieces of bread of equal size in each of the two parts.

Spread, in order and on each toast, a slice of eggplant, a slice of zucchini and 50g of smoked salmon.

Cut the black olives and the ½ candied lemon into thin strips and sprinkle them on each toast.

Gilles Chroukroun for Rétrodor

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