False pepper plant

Last name : Schinus molle
Family : Anacardiaceae
Type : Tree

: 15 to 20 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent
Flowering : May to September
Fruiting : June to September

Planting the pepper plant

It is recommended to plant the false pepper tree in the spring and thus avoid it the first winter.

  • Follow our planting tips.

Watering is recommended at the start, without excess, but should then be limited.

Size of the pepper plant

No pruning is necessary. Let it express itself and it will be all the more beautiful.

To know about the false pepper tree

This tree has the particularity of growing extremely quickly and can reach nearly 15 m in a few years.

The pink or red berries it offers have a very pleasant smell, similar to that of pepper, but are not edible as they are.

The flowering, white-cream or yellow in color, is arranged in a cluster from May.

Smart tip about the pepper plant

The false pepper tree is an excellent shade tree that withstands negative temperatures down to -5 °.

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