Treatment: The otiorhync larva

This small white larva or worm, also called a "weevil", settles its nest in the roots of flowers, ornamental plants or vegetables.

Although not considered to be an attack threatening the life of the plant, aggression by a large population and for a long period of time can become dangerous.

How is the presence of this larva in the plant characterized?

Small insects, such as white maggots, lodge at root level to feed on rootlets and crowns.

They will thus gradually dig narrow galleries, destroy the root system and limit its development by weakening the plant.

How to fight against these white grubs?

There is no real treatment for the control of otiorhync larvae.

However, some recommend spraying a treatment normally intended for vegetable maggots.

More difficult to find, but having proven to be somewhat effective, the presence of nematodes may participate in the elimination of this insect.
Use only for container cultivation, as it is a pest on many hosts in your garden.

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